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Winners 2021

Congratulations Drivers and Crew of 2021


Stateline Speedway

Congratulations Drivers and Crew of 2021

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."
Jesse Owens

Loading up your cars and showing up to every race all season long, fixing what's broken so you can race the next race, and being able to show up, put all your problems aside so you can focus each time you enter the track is the formula that only some are able to master.
The 2021 champions have undoubtedly dedicated themselves and mastered the formula. Congratulations to all of our champions who have put in the effort and came out on top, as well as the teams behind them that put in just as much work as the drivers did.

RaceCals Pro Late Models: #29 - Jason O'Neil -

Johnson Surveying Hobby Stock: #80 - Frank Varner -

Flattop Roofing Legends: #7 - Tim Lacy

Angel's Bail Bonds Bandoleros: #99 - Brody Whitbeck

D&D AutoBody Jr. Late Models: #11 - Danica Dart

Eljay Oil Nostalgia Modified: #57 Gerald Nash

Early Stocks: #45 - Aleena Schovaers

Rayce Rudeen & Ranch Built IWS series: #70 - Randy Dubois

Superior Towing Roadrunners: #22 - Terry Auckerman

Park Model Homes Fever 4: #85 - Paul Ross

Bump To Pass: #76 - Darryl Carillio

The battle for points all season long was very close in most of our classes and some classes it came down to the very last race until we knew who would finish in first second or third. Congratulations to all the racers and all the teams who put so many hours in over the past 6 months. Stateline Speedway and all the fans thank you all for your effort and dedication.
We look forward to having everyone back for another great season in 2022.

We will be releasing news about the banquet in the near future so be watching for that.


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