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Last Race Of 2021

Last Race Of 2021

Kid's Night

Bump To Pass

When Rubbin is actually Racin'

Imagine the intensity of circle track racing with the carnage & excitement of demolition derby, and you have created a division called Bump to Pass. Large mostly v-8 cars make up the Bump to Pass class at Stateline Speedway. Drivers must pull out the windows and interior, add a T-Bar, a door plate, and go racing where rubbing is encouraged. Other tracks call this “no yellow flag” racing; meaning, go ahead and bump, spin, and watch the sparks fly.

The bump to pass drivers are the starts of the show at the Boat Races at Stateline Speedway. They hook fiberglass boats to the back of their cars and drag them on the race track for the main event. Rules for the boat race state that the driver with the last boat over half way intact is the winner of the race. With all the carnage and destruction, there are pieces of boat strung all over the track. The cars hit the debris and sometimes get air as they hit boat pieces at high rates of speed head on.

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