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Season Passes_Black Friday Sale

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Stateline Speedway History

There are many years of history since Stateline Speedway first opened in 1974. Before Luke Kjar bought the track in 2018, there were 4 different sales of the property.

1976 Riot that left Stateline Speedway in Ruins.

It's amazing to think that sometime in July of 1976 such an event happened. When 8,000 or so people came to the Speedway for a weekend rock concert that ended up being cancelled, angry concert fans set fire to the stage and all the concessions were burned to the ground as well. The concert was supposed to include bands like BTO and Heart and Blue Oyster Cult. When the event promoter took off with the money and tickets, the bands weren't getting paid, so they left. When fans got word there was no concert, a riot broke out.
Stateline Speedway was completely rebuilt, however you can find sections of the stage that wasn't compromised from the riot destruction, still being used in areas of Stateline Speedway. Fans drive and walk right past a section of the old stage every time they enter the speedway. It's the gate that can close off the parking area entrance that has the stop sign on it, check it out next time you visit, it's an incredible piece of history!

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